Thursday, May 7, 2015

Iniesta: Messi makes things that are unaffordable for others

Andres Iniesta believes that nothing has been decided in the clash with Bayern Munich, although Barcelona defeated Bayern with 3:0 at "Camp Nou" in the first semi-final match of the Champions League. Iniesta and his teammates Sergio Busquets and Marc-Andre ter Stegen did not fail to praise Lionel Messi, who scored the first two goals. "We have sought to possess the ball more, but our opponents wanted the same thing. The efficiency in the final minutes helped us to win with this result. Messi does things that are not within the reach of anyone else. We just have to enjoy. He has a huge contribution for the success. Once again, my hat is off to him. However, we must understand that this is a semi-final and we play with Bayern. Nothing is decided yet. We have to play a good game in Munich to go in the final, "said Iniesta.

More posts by Barca players after the game:

Marc-Andre ter Stegen: "The result by leo messi does not correspond to the game, it was not so easy. After the first goal we continued to attack and scored the second. 3:0 is unfair. Poor result by leo messi for Bayern and excellent for us. Messi is the best footballer in the world. It is good to have him in the team. 3:0 is a good result, but in Munich will be difficult. "

Sergio Busquets: "It was pretty intense match and we achieved a good result. We believed in its power. In Munich, we also go to win. Yes, now we`re the favorite, but if there is a team that is capable of creating serious problems as a host, this is Bayern, especially with the coach that they have. We have Messi, who is not only scoring goals, but also fed and even played in defense. He is the best player in the world."

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