Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Messi Is Ready For New, Fresh Wins!

The former Barcelona coach Cesar Luis Menotti and the Argentinean national team does not believe that the star of the Catalans Lionel Messi has not been planning a mutiny against the coach Luis Enrique.

The expert claims he does not believe that Messi did not lead a revolution or rebellion against Luis Enrique. According to him, Messi seemed weary and pensive, but now he is again fresh and eager to play. Menotti is convinced that there is a connection between the 'revitalisation` of Messi and the return of the good current condition of Barcelona. The team seems much more confident than it was before because there are fewer changes. Previously, there have been so many changes and nobody knew what to expect at any moment in the future.
Menotti thinks that at the moment the coach`s position is secure and that fact has increased the confidence of the players. The coach does not deny that Messi is a phenomenon and currently feels pretty well. According to him, Leo has recovered completely from weariness, which pained him lately and is ready for new exploits! We think in the same way!

The next match of Barcelona is going to be against the team of Elche, on 24th January 2015. Elche is on the 17th place in the standings, while Barca is 2nd, right behind the giants Real Madrid.

Here are some historical stats about the past games between the two teams - check it out, in case you are about to rely on yourself only when you do your soccer picks via messi , and therefore invest your cash:

24.08.2014 Barcelona 3:0 Elche
11.05.2014 Elche 0:0 Barcelona
05.01.2014 Barcelona 4:0 Elche

Probably, it is obvious for you already, but we do have to say that we expect nothing but a victory for Messi and friends. So our football prediction is definitely 2 and what about you?

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