Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chicago Cubs fans are 1 in baseball for the second consecutive year

For the second consecutive year, fans of Chicago Cubs are the 1 baseball audience. This is the edition of the Fendom 250 for the year 2017, traditionally prepared by the American specialized site FanSided. com. The ranking encompasses the 250 most popular feminine masses in the world, inspired by all sorts of spheres of life;sport, business, culture, art.

The rappers of the `Bears`, who were at the top of the Fendom 250 rankings after the first-ever MLB title after a 108-year pause, are now under No. 12 on the list, but continue to bemost ranked by all baseball communities. Second place in the category and the 20th in the rankings are fans of New York Yankees, and third are those of Boston Red Sox (No39).

In this year`s Top 250, fans of a total of 11 MLB clubs have come up with one more than in 2016. Baltimore Orioles, who ranked 191st in the overall standings and eighth in baseball. Now, however, the supporters of the new champion in the Houston Astros World Series, as well as those of the Washington Nationals, have found their place. Here are all the baseball clubs via career of messi in the ranking for 2017:

1. Chicago Cubs ( 12)

2. New York Yankees (No20)

3. Boston Red Sox (No 39)

4. Los Angeles Dodgers ( 51)

5. St. Louis Cardinals ( 72)

6. Cleveland Indians ( 111)

7. Houston Astros ( 118)

8. New York Mets (No119)

9. Kansas City Royals (No183)

San Francisco Cants (No197)

11. Washington Nationwide ( 227)

Winner of Fendom 250 this year is the audience of the Ohio State College college football team. Top 5 fans are also the fans of the TV series `The Game of Thrones` under No. 2, the Hollywood and Catch Celebrity Dwayne Johnson `The Rock` under No. 3, the Star Wars Movie Saga under No. 4 and the MMA Fighter Connor McGregor underNo 5.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ronaldo told Zidane to leave Isco on the bench

Zinedine Zidane`s decision to leave Isco for the match via how to buy soccer picks against Sevilla gave the result and the Madrid players recorded one of their most convincing wins for the season, winning 5:0. Real scored all five hits before the break, and two of them were the five-time winner of the Golden Ball, Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the press in Spain, however, Ronaldo is the reason for removing Isco from the starting team.

The Portuguese has held a meeting earlier this week with Zidane, in which he told the senior coach that he was not happy with the Isco game, writes Diario Gall. Ronaldo felt very isolated on the pitch when Isco was there, and for that reason he asked Zidane to remove the Spaniard from the squad. Zidane has complied with Ronaldo`s request and therefore Marco Asencio has started as a champion against Sevilla. Ronaldo himself also hopes th at Gareth Bale will soon recover from his injury, which will further reduce Isco`s chances of appearing.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Messi: 'I understand that sometimes it is better not to play!'

The Barcelona`s superstar, Lionel Messi, does not succumb to the football emotion and realizes that he does not have to play 90 minutes in all games according to messibest until the end of the season. Yes, I know the season is long. There are also more difficult moments because the years go by and the body is changing. I understand that sometimes it is better not to play, argues the Argentine in an interview with TyC Sport. Leo talks more about the national team and the forthcoming World Cup in Russia. We need to improve if we want to fight for the World Cup. Now better teams from Argentina are Brazil, Germany, France, and Spain. I think we have time to grow up, Leo admitted.

Many times I said I dreamed to play in Newell Old Boys. But now I have doubts in the country. I want my children to grow up safe. It`s really ugly to see what`s happening in Argentina. You go out into the street, there they can rob you, they can kill you, `Messi said.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

They announced the nominations for `Cut of the Year` in Italy

Yesterday, nominations for the Year of the Year in Series A were announced. This award has become traditional for Italian football and is opposed to the award for the Season`s Player Award.

The names of 10 players were announced, which disappointed with their performance during the year. Inter-goals 4 are the most nominated. These are Joao Mario, Ever Banega, Zheisson Murray and Gabriel Barbosa. It was as if GabiGol was the biggest failure of the Nerazzur who paid for him 29. 5 million euros to Santos but he never recorded a single match from messi news as a holder and is currently being rented in Benfica, may need to be in the lineup.

From the Milan team, Carlos Bakas and Gabriel Pallet are among the nominees. Napoli is represented by defender Nikola Maximovich. The club made a lot of effort and nerves to attract him from Turin for 25 million euros. For now, however, the Serb spends most of the season on the bench. Roma also has two representatives in the hands of Juan Idourbe and Thomas Vermelen and the 10th nominee is Palermo goalkeeper Josip Posavetz. Over the years, this award has been won by players such as Rivaldo, Adriano, Christian Veri, Diego Milito and Alessandre Pato.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Numancia discarded Malaga, and Leganes continued on

Numancia`s team qualified for the 1/8-finals of the King`s Cup after removing elite Malaga after 1:1 at La Rosalina tonight and a total score of 3:2. The midfielder team has shown that it deserves to go further and earns precious balance around the Costa del Sol.

After his strong match adviced by how soccer predictions against Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday, Mitchell`s boys disappointed their fans and for the third year in a row they dropped out of a lower-level team. Los Blancasulses played harder before the break and led a goal to Adrian Gonzalez (18). At 53, the boys from Soria reached the precious goal of Elgosabal. Until the end the hosts did not manage to break their rivals.

In another early game in Spain, Leganes dealt with Valladolid. Los Pepeneros defeated 1:0 on Butarche and continued with a total score of 3:1. Tito was right for the elite team with a go al in the 34th minute.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bartomeu: 'We will continue to enjoy the best in history!'

The Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu is perhaps the happiest of the agreement with Lionel Messi about the player`s new contract. For nearly five months the boss was subject to criticism that the attacker was not in a hurry to put the signature on the documents. Today, however, this happened and so Leo is already bound by the Catalans until 2021.

The Barca fans have to congratulate each other. We will continue to enjoy the best footballer in the history of football, said Barthomeu.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Manchester United targets a 20-year-old Brazilian

Bordeaux`s Malcolm striker can move to Manchester United, reports the Sun. Red Monsieur manager Jose Mourinho has personally insisted on attracting the 20-year-old Brazilian in the winter. Malcolm`s contract with Bordeaux is until the summer of 2021 and United is expected to pay a solid sum for his rights.

Since the start of the season in the French League 1 Malcom has 13 games by contact us for sport tips and 5 goals.