Friday, June 1, 2018

Messi is doubly ambitious to stretch the white grid

Straight to the traditional rivalry with Real Madrid, Barcelona`s most important player, Lionel Messi, has another big goal this season. The striker is ambitious to score as many goals as possible to win the Golden Boot again, Marca reminds. For this reason Leo is expected to be extremely ambitious against the citizens of Sofia. After losing a hat-trick a week ago, Messi has already scored 32 goals in the league, ahead of Mohammed Salah from Liverpool, 31, Robert Lewandowski (Bayern) and Ciro Immobile (Lazio), who are 29, and others. La Polga won the prize a year ago when he finished the 2016/17 season with 37 hits.

The plus for Barca`s Argentine ace is that he has four more matches in the Primera Division, while Salah will have just two more matches available. Ciro Immobal was injured, and we saw yesterday Lewandowski angry with Jupp Heynckes that he pulled him out before the end of the Cologne meeting. The Polish striker of the Munichs admitted he was trying to win the prize but was in the unfavorable situation to remain just another match from video clips for messi in the Bundesliga.

Back in the provisional standings for the Golden Boot are Mauro Icardi (Inter) with 28 goals and Unason Cavani (PSG) and Harry Kain (Tottenham) - with 27.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Madness! Five goals in the Barca's door and end of the record series!

Spain`s championship champion, Barcelona, lost 4:5 as a guest from Levante in a crazy match analyzed by contact messi from the last 37th round of La Liga. Emmanuel Boateng made a hat-trick (9, 31, 49) for the Levante team, who had already secured his stay in the elite. Enis Bardhi (46, 56) was the author of the other two goals for Levante, and with a hat-trick for Barca he scored Philippe Coutinho (38, 59, 64). Luis Suarez (71-point) scored the last ninth goal in the match, which will be remembered for a long time. Ernesto Valverde`s team remains with 90 points on top, and today suffers its first loss for the Spanish Championship season. This ended the amazing record series of 43 consecutive encounters of the Catalonians without defeat at the Spanish Championship. Barca`s last loss to La Liga was just 400 days ago - April 2017 from Malaga to La Rosa. It should be noted that the Catalans were today without Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, who received a break. In his last season`s meeting, Barca accepts Real Sociedad`s Camp Nou. Levante is 15th in the 46th place, and in the last round he is on Celta.

In the 9th minute Jose Morales made a great breakthrough and handed Barca Emanuel Boateng to Barca`s defense. The Ghanaian striker was almost at goal and did not make a mistake, bringing Levante ahead in the score.

Just 2 minutes after Boateng`s goal, the hosts missed a golden chance for 2:0. The defeat of the Catalans was overcome again, and the Macedonian Ennis Bardy found himself in the penalty box of the los coules but his shot met the crossbar.

In the 25th minute, Ousmane Dembele threatened the opponent's door, but it did not reach the goal. In the middle of the second round, Belgian defender Barca Thomas Vermaelen got injured and could not continue the match, and in the 29th minute he was replaced by Gerard Pique. Only two minutes after the forced change, the visitors` defense again cracked and this allowed Boateng to jump to an excellent position in the penalty area. The Ganaese face-mask first crossed the goalkeeper Mark-Andre Ter Stegen, then defeated himself with a los cuples defender and eventually ended up on an empty door. The players of Ernesto Valverde still returned a goal in the 38th minute, with Philippe Coettinho`s author. The Brazilian offensive midfielder shoots from the arc of the penalty area, the ball deviates slightly from the body of the Levante player, lures the guard Oyer and finds himself in the net. At the very end of the first half, the ball met Pique`s hand in Barca`s penalty area, but it was tightly close to the body and the distance was rather small and the referee felt there was no reason to adjudge a penalty for the hosts. Seconds after the start of the second half the hosts made an excellent counterattack after a m isconduct of Jordi Alba, the ball reached Enis Bardhi and the Macedonian with a terrible shot from the arc of the penalty area mattered Ter Stegen - 3:1. It seemed that the evening turned into a real nightmare for the Catalans in the 50th minute when Boateng formed his hat-trick. The Ganoese was drawn into the penalty area of the guests and crossed Terre Stegen - 4:1. Boateng stood up

Monday, May 21, 2018

There is no one to stop Messi for the `Golden Boot`

Barcelona star Lionel Messi missed the match against Levante, in which the Catalans retreated by 4:5 and made a first loss during the season but still has a reason to be satisfied with today. After the rounds of the top five championship it became clear that Messi will win the Golden Boot for a fifth time.

The Argentine scored 34 goals in La Liga. Multiplied by 2, such as the Spanish championship, this makes 68 points. The most realistic chances to catch up with him were Mohammed Salah. Liverpool`s top scorer scored only once against Brighton and finished the campaign with 32 goals (64 points).

Of the other prominent promoters closest to Messi is Ciro Immobile from Lazio. The Italian, however, has to score 5 goals in the last match of his team against Inter in order to equalize with Messi. Immobile is not playing against Crotone (2:2) today because of injury and is likely to miss the decisive clash in which the last Italian Champions Lea gue quota will be played. Besides, Messi may appear in a game adviced by career of messi against Real Sociedad in the final round of La Liga and also increase his goal. Leo has already won the Golden Boot in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017. In the 2012/13 season he scored 50 goals and achieved a record 100 points.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Milan is also involved in the battle for Florenzi

Milan`s team will take part in the battle for the signature of Alessandro Florenzi. The second captain of Roma still can not understand the wolves to renew his contract, which will try to benefit from the teams of Juventus, Inter and Atletico Madrid.

Florenzi`s priority is to stay in the Roman club, but his desire to get a 5-year contract with a wage of 4m euros per season does not fit the team`s leadership. Milan is also intrigued by the ability to own Florenzi in their ranks, but will have to compete with many other teams, including Inter and Juventus, the Italian football teams.

The Nerazzuri have already entered into negotiations with the player`s entourage after the problems in the negotiations on the involvement of the Portuguese defender Joao Cassello. Inter Milan`s coach, Luciano Spalletti, has contacted Florence to find out what the Italian national is willing to play in the middle of the field.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Iniesta announced in tears his separation with Barcelona

The Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta officially revealed he was leaving Camp Nou. The 34-year-old footballer began today`s press conference with the decision. This is my last season in Barcelona, `said the teenage midfielder with tears. Spain`s hero leaves Cannes Barca after 22 years in the Catalunya club. Until now, Andres has accumulated 31 trophies with the blaugranas team, and on Sunday he can add another championship predicted by messi news title.

'I want to thank the club and La Massia because they gave me everything to me and my family. Thanks to my teammates, to everyone I thank all people, to all the supporters who have always helped me. 22 years ago I came here with a car, and now I`m standing here in front of you. 22 years later I stand here with the most wonderful person I met in my life - my wife!', he said.

'I had the chance to experience magic moments, but the most special was the moment I debuted for Barca - against Bruges. Then my dreams became reality. My only purpose was to triumph with Barca and succeed!', Andres admitted.

'My decision is well thought out, a result of a long process, for months. There were days in which I had more doubts, in others less. My whole life has passed here and it was not an easy decision. When I signed up for my new contract, the club gave me the chance to choose the season in which to leave!', said the Spanish national.

'Iniesta did not reveal where he would continue his career, but was determined he would not play in a European club. Nothing is clear yet, we still have to talk. The only thing I`ve always said is that I will not go into a team that can play against Barcelona. Destinations outside Europe are possible. At the end of the season or when it happens, I will choose!', he revealed. Asked if he regrets that he did not win the Golden Ball, Andres said: 'The very fact that I was with Leo (Messi) and Cavie was magic. My understanding of football or my happiness would not have been greater if I had won the Golden Ball. Everyone likes to win prizes, but that`s not something that would change my thinking.'

The hero of Spain will play for the national team starting after a month and a half World Cup.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bumper took the reins in Charlotte and began purging

Charlotte Hornets coach Steve Clifford was dismissed from the post, said the NBA club. The 56-year-old has been at the top of the team for the past five seasons - from 2013 onwards. For this period, Charlotte played twice in the playoffs, but both fell into the first round.

This season Charlotte recorded only 36 wins in 82 games adviced by archive of basketball predictions and failed to continue in the NBA playoffs. Cleverford has 196 victories and 214 losses. As it is known, a few days ago, the former Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Mitch Chopach signed a deal with Charlotte. 63-year-old specialist takes over as president and general manager of the NBA club, and dismissal after counseling with Kutsak

Klopp: 'We had chances against everyone but Roma really impressed me!'

Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool had a chance to remove Roma, but would say this to any rival. The German manager of the Merseysides added that Roma is not to be underestimated, and if one considers them an easy opponent, he is definitely confused. `Whoever fell, we would have chances because it is football, so I can say that we have chances against Roma - that`s the only one of the three options I have not fought for. but someone thinks it`s an easy draw, I can not help him, obviously this guy has not seen their two matches with Barcelona!`, he said. `The 4:1 result predicted by career of messi of the first match does not reflect correctly what happened on the field, because then Messi`s genius flashed against a good team. `The second game was incredible and it was hard to do what they did. they beat with 4 or 5 goals and they really impressed me: Roma made a good season after the difficult transfer window when they lost key player!', added Klopp. `Then the German specialist turned to the upcoming Premier League weekend when Merseyside hosted of Bournemouth in the late Saturday game. Our opponents in the top 4 fight are too strong to think that they will not win every match - we must be very concentrated on teams such as Bournemouth, Stoke and West Bromwich!', the Germanman concluded.