Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Manchester United targets a 20-year-old Brazilian

Bordeaux`s Malcolm striker can move to Manchester United, reports the Sun. Red Monsieur manager Jose Mourinho has personally insisted on attracting the 20-year-old Brazilian in the winter. Malcolm`s contract with Bordeaux is until the summer of 2021 and United is expected to pay a solid sum for his rights.

Since the start of the season in the French League 1 Malcom has 13 games by contact us for sport tips and 5 goals.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bloody and controversial derby of Madrid ended in favor of Barça

Real Madrid`s Madrid champion is already 10 points behind the Barcelona leader after the White Man made 0-0 in the Athens derby with Atletico Madrid on Wanda Metropolitano. The meeting will be remembered with many discussion positions in the two penalty fields, most of them most of them at the door of Jan Oblak.

There were no surprises in the starting sets for the two coaches` derby. Diego Simeone bet on 4-4-2, choosing Angel Korea as a partner of Antoine Grossman. Luca Hernandez took the place of Philippe Luis. Daniel Carvajal returned home after more than a month and a half outside the terrain. Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo led the `white` attack backed by Isco.

The first chance in the game from photos of messi was discovered in the third minute and it was really crystalline. Los Merenges defeated, Rafael Varan handed over to Anheelito Korea, who jumped himself against Kiko Cassia, but flicked and fired ten meters inaccurately. The ball went sideways from the goalkeeper`s left beam. This was a huge omission of the Argentine after Varan`s gift. In the 12th, Cristiano Ronaldo was left on the left, continuing to Isco, whose sharp centering was left unaddressed. In the 15th Saul centered on the left, Coke attempted an attractive heel-but he was blocked.

In the 19th referee Fernandez Borbalan has ruled against Bremen. After the referee signal, Korea deliberately kicked the ball and aimed the head of the fallen striker. The arbitrator left the action without consequences. Namely Korea was the most active of the hosts. In the 23rd he made a powerful lead to the outfield but only won the corner. After his execution he jumped to the right place but did not hit the ball well.

In the last quarter-hour of the half-time, guests from Santiago Bernabeu pressed and created very good g oal situations. At 31 Marcelo received a brilliant ball for centering with an outer rebate - sent it to Stephen Savic`s foot. A minute later, Tony Kroes and Ronaldo made a double shot in the penalty area, the Germans got a chance against the goalie alone and fired inches from the right beam in the off. In the 34th Kristiano shot from a distant foul, Yan Cloud plunged and knocked in the corner.

Two minutes later `los blancos` came to a brilliant goal. Marcelo centered on the far beam, where Casemiro put his head to the nearby Sergio Ramos, who headed a 5-meter goal away from the bar. The repetitions showed that the captain kicked a kick in the face of Luca Hernandez. The sufferer stood on the grass with running blood from his nose. The experts wondered if this was not a penalty but Borbalan had decided otherwise. Marca referee analyst Anduhar Oliver believes there should be no penalty because the kick is `involuntary`. In the 45th Marcello again go t a chance to center on the left. The Brazilian national sent a low and sharp ball that fell into the `red-and-white` defender`s legs. The bloody Ramos did not come out for the second half, and Nacho Fernandez appeared in the game. Shortly after the start, Diego Simeone made an assault shift: pulled Thomas Taye and dropped Yankee Ferreira Carasco. In the 56th Saul shot a powerful 20 meters and sent the ball a few meters from the assembly

Thursday, November 16, 2017

In Houston they expect Chris Paul to return to play on Thursday

The coach of Houston Rockets and the headquarters of the club expecs Chris Paul to return to play on Thursday for the Phoenix Suns match. The `missile` player has not played since mid-October, skipping the last 14 matches of his team. 32-year-old Paul injured his left knee in a pre-season preparation match with Memphis Grizzlies on October 11, but nevertheless played in his first match via photos of messi for the new season - the 122: 121 success over the gold medalistState on October 17th. However, attendance at the meeting worsened Paul`s condition and he was forced to stop with the next month`s load.
The senior coach of Houston said that on Monday the is training at full speed, but if he fails to play in Phoenix on Thursday, he will be ready for Saturday night with Memphis. Paul, who is a 9-time star in the Star Matches, arrived in Houston in the summer after a deal with his former Los Angeles Clippers club.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fantastic goal of Russia`s futsal championship

An impressive goal scored Sergei Abramov from Sinara (Ekaterinburg) in his 8-5 victory as a guest against Uhta in the Russian Football League. With a 5: 1 result adviced by football goals video clips for Sinara, the ninth squad of Ekaterinburg Abramov made a double duel with his teammate, headed forward and skillfully transferred the Uhta goaltender with outstanding performance.

Photo: mfkviz. ru

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The latest battles begin on the way to the 2018 World Cup

Four more teams from Europe will be among the 2018 participants, and today the first bar games will be played between eight teams second in their qualifying groups. Only Slovakia did not get the right to argue for a world championship adviced by career of messi visa in Russia because it had the worst performance against the other second teams.

In Belfast, Northern Ireland welcomes Switzerland in search of a world ranking for 32 years. Martin O`Neill`s boys Neil proved that the Euro 2016 breakthrough was not a coincidence, and in some other qualifiers they beat the rivals who were considered favorites. However, the British will have a team that won nine of its 10 matches in the group and did not qualify directly just because of its worse goal difference than the European Championship Portugal. Crusaders are ambitious to get a good score at Windsor Park and make it easier for them to win.

Northern Ireland captain Steven Davis will come to his 100th national jersey. The attack on the team will be led by Connor Washington. In the last 4 years, the islanders have only 1 home loss in an official match and this can not be filled with optimism. Switzerland`s winner Vladimir Petkovic will rely on stars Djerdan Shakuri, Granit Jacka and Ricardo Rodriguez to lead their teammates. The crusaders also have other weapons - Harris Seferovic will play in the front and Admir Mehmedi`s speed will also be a threat to the host`s home.

In the other match, Croatia accepted Greece in Zagreb. The Balkan Derby opposes two teams with a fundamentally different style. Croats are technical and have plenty of class performers in the middle of the field and the attack, and Greeks have been relying on their strong defense for years to deliver. Croatia was the favorite in its group and led to the penultimate round when he naively missed the victory over Finland. The chess players could even get away with the barrages, but they won a direct match with Ukraine. With injuries are Milan Badel, Mateo Kovacic, Marco Piaza and Duyne Chop. Mario Manjukic will be questioned last but will probably be the title holder. With players like Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic and Marcello Brozovic, the Croats will try to solve everything in their favor for Maksimir.

Greece did not show anything in the qualifiers, but it did well to second place. The big absent in the lineup of the Greeks will be Costas Manollas. The defender of Roma is punished. The coach Michael Skibe will bet on a more tight tactic, while Kostas Mitroglou will help Kostas Fortunis. It is interesting that until now both the Croats and the Greeks have no barrage loss. The balance of `chess players` is 4 rankings of 4 attempts, and our southern neighbors have managed to pass the siftings twice. World Championships 2018, Europe Zone - First Matches:

Northern Ireland - Switzerland


Croatia - Greece


Monday, November 6, 2017

Count: Serena will improve Margaret Court`s record

Legendary German tennis player Steffi Graf believes Serena Williams can improve Margaret Court`s record of 24 Grand Slam titles if the 36-year-old returns to the court after giving birth two months ago. Williams has not played since the end of January last year when he won the Australian Open.

It was her 23rd Trophy from the helmet, which came out alone in second place in the everlasting leaderboard, ahead of Graff, who has 22.

`I`m sure Serena can improve the record of Margaret Court, and it will, to a great extent, depend on her dedication and desire, and if she puts it as a goal, I believe he will achieve it, ` she said.

Williams recently announced he has begun light training and plans to defend his title in Melbourne since mid-January.

`From what I hear, she intends to return to tennis, knowing she will want to win as she is accustomed, and it will undoubtedly bring her more titles from the helmet, ` Graf said.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Deshaun Watson with broken ties, Luck also out for the season

Deshaun Watson has broken cross-links during a training session and will miss the rest of the NFL season. Houston`s recruiter received the trauma during a training session without being in contact with another player. On Friday, the quarterback will pass nuclear magnetic resonance, and if the diagnosis is confirmed, an operation and a nine-month recovery period are due. Watson`s deputy on Sunday against Indianapolis will be Tom Savage.
The team will also be without their big star after Andrew Luck was sent to the injured list. The quarterback of Indianapolis suffered a right-handed operation in January, but he suffered complications during re-classification and never appeared in the game predicted by partners of messi this season. Election 1 in the draft in 2012 brought the foals to AFC`s final in its third season, and last summer signed a $ 140 million contract.
The team`s management denied the injury to threaten Luck`s career, and in the social media the player wrote that he would be a better quarterback, cohort, and man and that the future was glamorous.