Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Verratti:We are close to Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti said the Paris club is dependent on Neymar`s performance, but despite the fall of Real Madrid in the Champions League`s eighth finals, it is still not far from Europe`s largest team. `In the Champions League, it was hard to resist Real Madrid, but we are close to their level, with most of the games from video clips for messi being solved by small episodes. ` We played well in the first game, but the opponent scored two goals. Neymar was not with us, like Barcelona without Messi, `Marco Verratti told Gazeta dello Sport.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

They parsed the parrots in Seville

Bettis`s team continues to target the places eligible to participate in the Europa League. Today, the `green-and-white` of Benito Vieiyamarin defeated Espanyol with a 3-0 away and are just two points behind Seville`s rival city. The goals for the convincing success were scored by John Firpo, Riyad Budebus and Francis Guerrero. Bettis was the better team throughout the game analyzed by live football video and left no doubt that he would win. The few misses in the beginning only just hurt the hosts even more and they gave off their timid rival. In the 34th minute, Budebuss centered on Firpo and with his head he found the result. Despite their superiority, Sevilli did not score any other hits until the break. In the 56th minute Budebuss fired a powerful leg with a 2:0 lead and 69th Guerrero with a very nice shot under the beam formed the defeat of Bettis.

Kicking Stiein wil l host Getafe in the next round and Espanyol will receive Alayes.





Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Matic: 'We have no excuse, they were just better than us!'

Manchester United footballers can blame themselves for dropping out of the Champions League, midfielder Nemanja Matic said after defeating Sevilla by 1:2. The Spaniards continued ahead after French striker Wissam Ben Jeder scored two late goals. We did not have an excuse We played a big game at the weekend and we started with self-esteem but Sevilla was better than us We deserved to be victorious We need to quickly forget that dropping but before that we need to find our mistakesto fix them, `he said. `The next big match predicted by partners of messi is for the Cup, so we`ll concentrate on Brighton, they also have a good team, but we also want the victory. ` `We know our fans are sad after this loss, so we`ll try to get themwe are delighted with victory, `added the Serbian midfielder.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hoffenheim extended Wolfsburg`s agony

Hoffenheim`s team made a convincing 3:0 victory over the visiting Wolfsburg in a match of the 26th round of the Bundesliga. The hits were made by Nico Schultz (18th), Serge Gnabry (77 u0026 rsquo;) and Joshua Gilawagi (80).

With the success the hosts gathered 38t. and are ranked seventh, while Wolfsburg is 15th with 25 points, this being the seventh consecutive match in all the tournaments without a win for the wolves.

The duel began with the pressure of the hosts, who scored in the 18th minute when Schultz scored 1-0, this being his first goal for the club in the league. Hoffenheim continued to play better and in the 32nd minute Serge Gnabry narrowly hit the crossbar and two minutes later a defender hit his shot from the goal. Andrew Kramaric, the other striker, also missed the lead in the 40th minute when he was alone against Cohen Castells, but the goalkeeper saved his shot.

Gnabry was still able to scout by d oing the 77th minute with a long shot in the right corner of the door. Three minutes later he again had a major credit for the third goal in the match. After his attempt to score, Knohe cleared the ball to Gilavoigi`s leg and she flopped into the net for the final adviced by messibest 3:0.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Messi: 'I`m playing back but my goal remains to score goals!'

The Barcelona striker Lionel Messi has admitted that his main role is in the backs this season. However, the Argentine continues to seek goals, as he confesses. `Last year, my role was a bit different from this one, and in the previous seasons I was playing closer to the enemy`s door, while I have a role in the back, but my goal on the pitch remains the same!', Messi told A Bola. Over the past weekend, Messi realized his 600th goal in his career with a 1:0 win against Atletico Madrid.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Busquets: 'We should not relax!'

Barcelona`s midfielder Sergio Busquets warned his teammates that they should not be allowed to play after the 1:0 victory over Atletico Madrid. This victory brought the Catalonians 8 points ahead of the team of Atletico Madrid and they made another big step towards the title. Still, Busquets remains cautious. 'There is no time to relax, we`ve had 9 points before, and every game is going to be tough before the end of the season, 11 matches mentioned by how to buy asian handicap picks and the Champions League clash soon. I believe we can win big things We were better in the first half and we had our position and Leo scored a fantastic goal so titles are won by fighting even when you do not show 100% of your options!', said Busquets.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bayern wants to keep James, but he does not like his price

Bayern Munich (Munich) has not yet made a final analyzed by video stream for combo tips decision on whether to retain James Rodriguez. The National of Colombia plays for the Bavarians in Real Madrid. There is an interest in James is on the side of Manchester United and Liverpool. German president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge`s president insists on a permanent contract, but the financial parameters of a possible deal may be a problem. `Firstly, Carlo Ancelotti insisted that we attract him constantly, and I think that`s a good idea. ` His future `The cards are on the table after he has finished the job, there is an option that we can use for a permanent deal. millions of euros, this is not a small amount of money, although you can see crazy numbers on the market! `said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.