Saturday, October 21, 2017

Unprecedented: there is not a minute rest for Messi

Barcelona`s big leader, Lionel Messi, has played every second since the start of the season, taking into account the statistics Marca quotes. Since the start of the 2017/18 campaign for the Catalans (August 13), Leo has recorded 1170 minutes and has been playing for two months now. In none of his previous seasons of Camp Nou, the Argentine has not begun so badly and without any rest. Usually, La Pulga joins the preparation for World Cup or Copa America later. This summer, the only serious commitment of number 10 was his wedding on June 30th. Messi has been pushing the gas since the Supercup of Europe and has already had 15 hits on his account.

On Saturday, the Catalans admit the failed Malaga to Camp Nou, but Leo is likely to be on the pitch again. Almost certainly in the middle of next week, the Rosario genius will not enter the group for the first match analyzed by messi news of the 1/16-King Cup final against Segunda B.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Even two penalties did not make Napoli stop the winning streak of Man City

The Manchester City team continues their winning move. The English team beat 2: 1 Napoli in a clash of Champions League group F and recorded the 10th consecutive success of their account and 3rd in this tournament. The two teams made a pretty eye-catching match, filled with lots of interesting moments. The hosts of Etihad led with Rahim Stirling in the 9th and Gabriel Jesse in the 13th minute. The guests then received two penalties. The first in the 38th minute was missed by Dries Mertens and Amadou Diavara realized the second in the 73th minute, but Napoli never managed to get at least to the draw.

The hosts bet on the trio Gabriel Jesse, Rahim Stirling and Leroy Sane in the attack. In the middle of the field, Fernandino, Kevin de Bruyne and David Silva acted.

Napoli bets the same three-in-a-side attack with Lorenzo Insiniere, Dres Mertens and Jose Caiechon. Amadou Diavara, Piotr Zelinsky and Marek Hammisi moved the game analyzed by fixfootballpicks in the middle of the pitch. Manchester City opened the score with its first goal opportunity in the match. In the 9th minute, David Silva reached an outfield ball and returned it to Kyle Walker in the penalty area. The defender`s shot was blocked, but the ball came to Rahim Stirling, who did not make a mistake in the second attempt for 1: 0.

The hosts very quickly doubled their lead. In the 13th minute, Kevin de Bruyne got a badly cleaned ball and advanced to the right, then hurled the field into the goal area, where Gabriel Jesse had a good position and scored remarkably 2-0.

In the 25th minute the score could become classic after Kevin de Bourne received a pass in front of the penalty area and made a move from the crossbar.

In the 28th minute a new great chance for `citizens` followed. Then Gabriel Jezeus wa s able to make his way through the goal, and he managed to make a move to the goal, and only the intervention of Calidou Culibali in the goal made it impossible for the ball to enter with the whole volume in the door. A minute later, Rahim Stirling shot a new shot, but past the door.

In the 37th minute Napoli got a great chance to return to the match. Kyle Walker detained Raul Albiol in the penalty area and the judge pointed to the white point. Dries Mertens, however, did not perform the penalty well and keeper Edersson Moraes saved.

At the beginning of the second part, the `citizens` returned the initiative and in the 53rd minute Sane struck the door of Jose Reina. Napoli, however, clearly stood better in the second half and in the 65th minute he came to one of his best opportunities. Diris Merttens took advantage of a mistake in the hosts` defense, fired goalkeeper Edersson and handed over to uncovered Marek Hamshik, whose strike was blocke d by John Stones alone. The Italians claimed a penalty shoot-out with the defender`s hand, but the judge did not see such a thing. In the 72nd minute, however, referee Mateou Laos still gave a second penalty to the Neapolitan. Fouzi Gulam entered the speed of the pennant and was stunned by Fernandinho. Behind the ball came Amadou Diavara, who was surprised and reduced the score to 2: 1, putting the first goal in his career.

Immediately thereafter, Manchester City threw himself into the

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monkey to Mbappe and Neymar: My 6 million beat your 400 million

The unexpected hero of Pari Saint-Germain vs Dijon in the 2-1 victory as guest Toma Muniy joked with his teammates Kylian Mabe and Neimar, who were drawn in the summer for record sums. Parisians paid for Neimar 222 million in Barcelona, and Mobe was rented out of Monaco, but next summer PSG must buy his rights for 180 million euros.

Muniere himself, who scored both goals against Dijon, was attracted to the modest 7 million euros on this background, but apparently forgot the exact amount.

Mpepe and Neimar are usually busy with goals, not me. That`s why I said in their dressing room Did you see, my 6 million beat your 400 million, the Belgian defender said.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Babe started stronger than Messi, says a former Barca player

Former Lionel Messi`s team-mate in Barcelona, Ludwig Julie, is delighted by the class of compatriot Kylian Mabe.The former national of France made a comparison between the two exceptional players from different generations.

And Leo, and Kylian, debuted at 16-17, but for his years, Mabape was better.Killian has enormous potential, and everything is fine with his psyche.Meanwhile, as a small Messi, she had problems with physics, and that made him bully.It was harder for him.Now Killian knows his body better and knows how to rest and recover properly.At Leo, things were more complicated, Julie told Le10Sport. As a small Messi, she has a problem with growth, and so she starts to get injected with hormones - two a day.At the age of 10, he is only 127 cm tall. At the age of 13 he moved to Spain and entered the Barca school.

Earlier, the same Ludwig Jules told about his first impressions of the future mediumThe Golden Ball: Frank Rijkard took hi m for a workout with us and he scattered us.We roared it everywhere so we did not laugh, but it was going on and on.He easily dribbled between four of us before he scored naked.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Philippe Luis: Some players think that with shoes for 400 euros and 8 tattoos are already stars

Atletico`s left defender Philippe Luis gave a different interview to El Mundo, looking ahead to the next match.I had moments in which I went out and drank more than I had to.For joy, my father returned me to the right path, said the 32-year-old Brazilian.I`m lucky I work a little bit.There is tremendous tension, but the hours are few and work is well paid.I see how people live.One has to think seriously, confident the defender.80% of people live in a balloon, especially young people.Some players think that branded bags, shoes for 400 euros and 8 tattoos are already stars and just because of that people have to respect them.You forgot about real life, he said sharply.I`m Pique`s fan, though I do not quite agree with what he says.He and Arbeloa are people who are not afraid to speak what they think, `said Philippe Luis.` Messi is so good that every League in Europe can win any team in the championshipBut Barcelona is his home for so long because the club can adjust the domesti c politics around him, and Messi is so strong that he maintains the club via video clips for messi at a high level regardless of what`s going on outside the pitch.I have played more than 30 games against him and I guarantee that it is impossible to stop him without breaking.the strange thing is that he never criticized me for this. `He always hands down my hand and congratulates me if we win,` said the Brazilian.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Andre Gomes was involved in a scandal

Barcelona`s Barcelona midfielder Andre Gomes was involved in a scandal after he was told that coach Ernesto Valverde and Argentine star Lionel Messi were defining the composition of the Catalonians.
`I have not spoken anything like this, it is a complete invention, I have a great deal of respect for Valverde and Leo, even too much to afford such words,` said Gomez, quoted by Football Espana.
Gomes has been part of Barcelona since the summer of 2016, when it was drawn against 35 million euros from Valencia.His contract expires in the summer of 2021, but is unlikely to be fulfilled, as it has proven to be superfluous for Camp Nou.In the summer, Barcelona tried to sell it but failed.He has only three games predicted by livescores with the Barcelona team this season.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Neymar apologized to Cavani

The Paris Saint-Germain Brazilian star Neymar has tried to cover the Edinson Cavani scandal from the match with Lyon, reports the press.
The two became the center of attention in recent days, after a fight, who to implement the penalty kick in the match and led to speculation about the future of the Uruguayan footballer.
However, it was reported that during the last workout of the team Neymar apologized publicly to Cavani as well as the teams for the created tension. Thiago Silva was in the role of an interpreter to his compatriot, who does not speak French.
The club from messi awards is hoping that the situation will be relieved at least at that stage, although both attacking players are unlikely going to be especially good friends from now on.
The coach Unai Emery confirmed that there had been a scandal in the locker room after the game Son unday, but then pointed out that avani remains the first choice for a player to make penalty kicks, while the second option is Neymar.