Friday, June 16, 2017

Denis Suarez revealed why Bellerin is wondering about joining Barcelona

The Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez has an uncertain future, according to the Spanish media. He himself, however, believes that he will continue to play at the Camp Nou and in the new season. `I am going to stay at Barcelona, certainly, the club predicted by record of football predictions told me so. With the change of the coach, a thousand things may happen.`, shared the young midfielder in an interview with Catalunya Radio.
Denis is in a camp with the youth team of Spain, preparing for the upcoming European Championship. The footballer commented and the possibility for Hector Bellerin to join Barcelona. `I spoke to him. On the one hand, he has the desire to come, but on the other, he feels committed to Arsenal. Arsenal gave him so much. That is not easy because Arsenal opened his way to the big football and made him such a good footballer.` Suarez said.

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