Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kompany: `We had dominated but we got nothing!`

The Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany believes that his team has dominated the match adviced by leo messi with Chelsea last night, despite the defeat of 1:2 at Stamford Bridge.
The located on the fourth place team of Manchester City had a greater percentage of possession and more hits inside the door of their opponent yesterday. But two goals of Eden Hazard before the break practically ensured the victory and keeping the lead by 7 points on top in the standings.
`I am definitely not happy, but I can`t say that our presentation has been weak. We are disappointed that we did not win the game and we will leave without any points.`, said the Belgian in front of journalists.
`On the other hand, the game wasn`t so bad. Physically, we were better than the enemy and we have been dominating.`, added the Belgian central defender, who played his first full 90 minutes for the first time in a year.
He added that the goal in front of the team has to finish in the top four in the Premier League and to ensure participation in the Champions League next season.
City will meet Arsenal in the semi-final in the tournament for the Cup of England on April 23, and it is a hope for them that they will win some trophy still in the first season of Josep Guardiola as a manager.
`About our position in the table, we must fight to the end to keep it.`, said defender. `Our goal is a place in the Champions League and also a participating in the final for the Cup.`

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