Friday, April 21, 2017

Emilio Butragueno: `We are one step away from the final.`

Emilio Butragueno, who is the director of relations with institutions in Real Madrid, commented on the draw in the Champions League. The semi-finals in the strongest club tournament mentioned by in the world will be between Real Madrid and their city opponent Atletico (Madrid), as this is a repeat of the final of the 2014 and 2016.
`We know them very well. This is the fourth straight season in which confront them in the Champions League. They are a very difficult opponent for us. Their defense is solid, but the truth is that we are very pleased to play in the semifinals after the exceptional hard duel against Bayern (Munich). We have only one step to the finals, but it is the hardest. We will do everything to qualify for the finals, for which our fans crave.`, said Butragueno.
He admitted that the `red-white` from Madrid also have been performing strongly during the campaign. `There are three more appearances for the Championship before our first match with Atletico in Champions League. The rival played very strongly, and we do the same thing. The tournament mentioned by was very prestigious and obliges the players to perform in the strongest way. Football players are required to qualify for the match for the title.`
`We expect an interesting and unpredictable impact. We need to demonstrate the best we can. Every game and every opponent is different. Atletico (Madrid) took advantage of the mistakes of the opponents. The level of concentration is the most important thing in such matches. We know that anyone who made a mistake will pay a very expensive price.`, said the former striker of Real Madrid, Butragueno.
In the three previous clashes between the two teams in the Champions League, the final winner was Real Madrid.

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