Monday, February 13, 2017

Inter awarded a fan of Lazio

The Italian radio commentator Riccardo Cucchi terminated his long career in Radio Rai.
The last game that he commented on was the one between Inter Milan and Empoli, finished with 2:0.
In honor of the career of Riccardo Cucchi, the Nerazzuri awarded him with a special poster with his name.
`While there is your passion for football, and this program will exist!`, were the last words in the air of the legendary Italian commentator.
`Now I can admit that I am in favor of Lazio. I have always tried to be unbiased and not to express my love for a certain team.`, acknowledged in an interview after the match adviced by messi best Riccardo Cucchi.
From the Roman team, they now replied: `We expect you at the stadium as a fan.`
The supporters of Lazio will certainly remember his words 17 years ago: `Now it is 18 hours and 4 minutes, and the date was May 14, 2000. Lazio is the champion of Italy!`

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