Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pique was going to quit

Barcelona`s player Gerard Pique shared interesting details about his career. He revealed that only two years ago was to quit football because of his missing motivation.
`In football it is all about motivation. Two years ago I was ready to leave Spain, leaving Barca to get my things and just leave. After the World Championship in Brazil, I had no desire to do anything.`
`I had enough money to live well for the rest of his life. I talked to several coaches that convinced me to stay. I came to the conclusion that this is due to the fact that I won everything in football, as a very young.`
`Then it became clear that Luis Enrique will be back and he wants to make Barcelona again the greatest club mentioned by messi best in the world. Then I realized that I want to be a part of this revolution and to help.`, said Pique.
He recently revealed that after the World Cup in Russia in less than two years will not be more team of Spain. When this happens, it is going to be a little more than 31 years and there`s still a lot of football, but the defender is adamant.
`My decision is final and there is no turning back. I didn`t want to say it so early, but I was forced because of the bullshit about me, which is rampant. I think I have the right to leave the way I judge.`, revealed Pique.

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