Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The transfer of Zielinski to Liverpool is questionable

The situation with the midfielder of Udinese Piotr Zielinski became quite confused.
According to the press, the Italian footballer himself he wants at any price to play in Liverpool, although his team has accepted an offer from Milan for the midfielder.
Napoli is also ready to fulfill the financial requirements of the `zebras` for the Polish national, but the desire of the footballer is only to pass to the Anfield.
The manager of Merseysiders, Juergen Klopp wants him at any cost to the ranks of the team and even already has conducted quite a useful conversation with him.
The transfer of the player to Anfield, however, seems to be at a dead end up to now, because of the fact that Udinese is not at all satisfied with what the British offer.

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