Monday, May 9, 2016

Ben Arfa can`t decide whether to join Barca or not

The President of Lyon Jean-Michel Olas became another one that shed some light about the negotiations between Barcelona and Nice star Hatem Ben Arfa. Olas commented that the youngster of `Kids` has not yet taken a final mentioned by messi best decision whether he agrees to pass the Catalan Grand.
The 29-year-old Ben Arfa will become a free agent in the summer and it is already clear that will change his club affiliation. On Saturday, the French national was selected in the team of the League 1 season 2015/2016 because of his 17 Championship goals and 5 assists.
Last week, the President of Nice, Jean-Pierre Rivera confirmed that agents of the technician have already been contacted by Barcelona. `Blaugranas` see the face of Ben Arfa as an ideal reinforcement for Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez or Neymar.
`Yesterday I spoke with Hatem. He has not yet taken a firm decision.`, commented Olas. `I think he realizes how much prestige it is and it`s great to go to Barcelona. On the other hand, however, he will have to deal with competition from three super stars. Whether this is good when it is approaching the end of his career? Shouldn`t you actually aspire to yet another extraordinary season?`, rhetorically asked the boss of Lyon.

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