Monday, February 8, 2016

The main reasons for the success of Leicester

Leicester is a leader in the Premier League. The team of Claudio Ranieri has 53 points after 25 rounds of the Championship.
The reasons for the rise of the `Foxes` are many - the tactical skills of Ranieri, the goal power of Jamie Vardi, the balance between the team`s lines, physical training and the protection of key players from severe injuries. There are probably more.
But the factor of success is the ability of Ranieri to bond players without luster, who give their best and managed to win as a team. At the beginning of the season, the Italian was adopted by the majority of supporters with a grain of salt, but his work proved his skills.
Leicester was considered one of the outsiders in the Premier League before the start of the season, but now things have changed, even the team becoming champion this season will be remembered.
Cante, Marez, Vardi - all of them are footballers without much glitter on the surface, but these footballers with `blue` t-shirts achieved a lot. Let`s do a little comparison with one of the great teams of the world and European football, Real Madrid.
What is the difference between Marez and Modric, Hoot and Sergio Ramos, Kasper Schmeichel and Keylor Navas? Overwhelming at first glance, but it`s all a matter of advertising. Well, the boys of Leicester already had the necessary advertising, and it can last for a good performance.
There is still the option Leicester to fail as there are still 13 rounds to the end of the Championship, but these key players of Leicester with `illiterate preseason preparation` and yet have managed to adapt to football in the Premier League.
There are other examples of teams of so-called `Golden medium` who were remembered - Wolfsburg, Hamburger, Getafe.
The current Leicester is an `alloy` of soccer players with qualities, but also benefiting from the situation, it`s all in the heads of the players, not everything depends on their skill, talent and transfer fee paid for footballers.

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