Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Klopp: `I wanted Matip in Liverpool a long time ago.`

The coach of Liverpool, Juergen Klopp, has revealed that he is interested in Schalke`s central defender, Matip, since the time before the Reds.
Yesterday the English Kennel club officially announced that it will attract the defender in the summer, and Schalke will not receive any money since the treaty of Matip and expires in a few months he will be a free agent.
`He is a central defender from top-class. Very young and experienced. It is not common such a combination. To be honest, when I really relaxed after my stay in Borussia, I thought I should get it in my next club, if I really need advocates.`, said Klopp.
`He has never played for my team, on the contrary, the opposite - a game via messi for my worst opponent. Maybe it says a lot for his class. Even when he plays for a team that you don`t like as a coach of Dortmund, you can see his qualities.`, said German specialist.

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