Monday, November 23, 2015

Lalana: `We could die for Klopp, he`s awesome.`

After the defeat with a 4:1 over Manchester City, it is already quite clear that Juergen Klopp is fully accepted in Liverpool, and the team starts to play his football.
What is happening on the field shows that the players totally listened to the pieces of advice of Klopp and Adam Lalana confirmed the fact that everyone in the team is in love with their new manager.
`What a feeling Klopp gives the players. You just want to run for him. You want to die on the pitch for him and for the boys!`, said Lalana, then continued with the superlatives for the German.
`He described himself as the Normal one and this is fully justified. He wants to work hard. His English is excellent and is a very good communicator.``
`We had a discussion early Thursday. He talks to each one and calms us down. He`s got charisma, aura. He is very, very intelligent man.`, added Lalana.

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