Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Inter is confident that it may win the Scudetto

The President of Inter, Eric Tohir, said that in this season the Nerazzurri can win the title in the Serie A.
After 12 rounds, `black and blue` are the leaders with 27 points as there are also Fiorentina.
`I have always said that three years after my coming, Inter needs to constantly return to the Champions League. But now we have the opportunity to attack the title, which is something unexpected.`
`We have a great team, but we will do everything in order to be more competitive. In January, we are going to get new players. People say they don`t score enough goals? This means that there`s more to improve.`, said the boss of the club.
He was asked to comment on the information, that in the winter, Andrea Pirlo may join the team. `Pirlo is a great player, but you have to ask the coach Roberto Manchini.` ,added Tohir.

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