Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Drogba sees Arsenal as champion because of Cech

The former Chelsea striker, Didier Drogba, believes that Arsenal will be able to be back on top in the Premier League and to win the title after a 12-year break.
Over the years, the player has regularly been scoring goals in the door of Arsenal, who in the last round made a disappointing defeat by West Brom, but Drogba believes the team`s chances are greatest.
`Manchester City is strong as in recent years, but given that Chelsea is quite backward, I`d bet on Arsenal, mostly because my friend Petr Cech..`, Drogba said during the presentation of his autobiography.
The question whether it considers that the Gunners have enough qualities to be champions, he was laconic: `they just have Petr Cech`. The footballer, who now plays for the Montreal Impact in MLS expected commented on the situation in his former team, who made a terrible start to the campaign.
`It`s a different situation for the club, the manager and the players. When you won the title last season, and after a few matches adviced by messibest suddenly find yourself among the last 3-4 teams, of course that this is a shock. This team, however, has the potential to change the situation. They won their last two meetings and it`s like a new beginning for them.`, said Drogba, who commented and heat that Jamie Vardi has been making recently.
`At the moment he is terribly effective, but to score for a team like Leicester is one thing and doing it to the next level, for a larger team, is another. Without a doubt, however, what he does now is fantastic.`
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Lalana: `We could die for Klopp, he`s awesome.`

After the defeat with a 4:1 over Manchester City, it is already quite clear that Juergen Klopp is fully accepted in Liverpool, and the team starts to play his football.
What is happening on the field shows that the players totally listened to the pieces of advice of Klopp and Adam Lalana confirmed the fact that everyone in the team is in love with their new manager.
`What a feeling Klopp gives the players. You just want to run for him. You want to die on the pitch for him and for the boys!`, said Lalana, then continued with the superlatives for the German.
`He described himself as the Normal one and this is fully justified. He wants to work hard. His English is excellent and is a very good communicator.``
`We had a discussion early Thursday. He talks to each one and calms us down. He`s got charisma, aura. He is very, very intelligent man.`, added Lalana.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Inter is confident that it may win the Scudetto

The President of Inter, Eric Tohir, said that in this season the Nerazzurri can win the title in the Serie A.
After 12 rounds, `black and blue` are the leaders with 27 points as there are also Fiorentina.
`I have always said that three years after my coming, Inter needs to constantly return to the Champions League. But now we have the opportunity to attack the title, which is something unexpected.`
`We have a great team, but we will do everything in order to be more competitive. In January, we are going to get new players. People say they don`t score enough goals? This means that there`s more to improve.`, said the boss of the club.
He was asked to comment on the information, that in the winter, Andrea Pirlo may join the team. `Pirlo is a great player, but you have to ask the coach Roberto Manchini.` ,added Tohir.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ireland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Monday night, at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland is going to welcome Bosnia and Herzegovina in the decisive playoff rematch from meeting the Euro 2016 in France. Check out our soccer prediction.
The hosts made a very important step towards the participation in euro finals, having achieved a very good result analyzed by live scores 1:1 in the first leg of the barrages. Bosnia and Herzegovina dominated most of the match but failed to materialize their superiority. And on top of all, Bosnians were able to lose at the end of the match. The player of the Irish, Slaves Brady, gave an advance for his team with a goal in the 82nd minute. Bosnia and Herzegovina footballers, however, reacted like a pricked and managed to equalize five minutes before the end through their Captain Gekko, who jammed the center. So any question remains to be decided in Dublin.
Our soccer forecast is 1.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wigan Athletic vs Blackpool

In an interesting match of the semifinals of the Johnstone Paint Trophy (League trophy) against each other, we will see the teams of Wigan and Blackpool. The meeting represents a direct elimination, meaning that we expect an active playing by both sides. Here is our brief soccer forecast.
In League 1 of England, where the two teams compete, here`s the situation: Wigan Athletic occupies the fifth place with 27 points earned for the past 16 rounds as they are just 5 points away from the first place, while Blackpool is only on the 20th place and is just a point away from the danger zone.
For the eighth-finals, we expect Wigan to try and take that win without any problems!
Our soccer prediction via is 1.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Former Chelsea player: \`The behavior of Moe is bad for the club.\`

The former Chelsea footballer Graeme Le Co again spoke critically about the Blues manager, Jose Mourinho. Executing a consultative function in the English Football Association Le Co stated that the behaviour of the special damages of London`s Grand.
`The behaviour of Mourinho does not correspond to a club mentioned by like Chelsea. It damages the team.`, said concisely Le co, who long ago spoke again about the Portuguese expert, but then in connection with what happened with the team doctor, Eva Carneiro.
It is recalled that after the last loss of Chelsea from Liverpool with 1:3, the situation of Moe at Stamford Bridge became even more delicate. In recent days appear constantly new rumors about the future of Portuguese.
After 11 games of Chelsea`s 15th place in the Premier League, has 11 points. The blues have had six losses since the beginning of the season, 2 draws and 3 wins.