Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lotito: `There is a campaign of lies against me.`

The President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, categorically rejected the accusations in relation to the growing increasingly scandal with TV rights of Serie A.
The boss of the Romans is among the investigated persons believing that they are arranged the sale of television broadcasting rights of the Calcio in favour of a certain broadcaster.
`Eight months already, there is a campaign of lies about me.`, said Lotito. `I have read so many untruths about myself. I know what I did and what-not. I will not comment in any way on speculation in the papers.`
`The only thing I will say is that I`m disappointed in what they write. It is not true. We`re going to talk at the end of this story, then we will see what the truth is.`
The case of Lotito and the other is connected to the President of the company InFront - Marco Borgareli, who is being investigated for money laundering. In this connection, the last week has been arrested, Andrea Barroni of the Swiss company `Tax and finance`.
Prosecutors investigated allegations that Borgareli, in an advisory capacity in the Serie A and Serie B, helped `Reti Telivizive Italiane` - a subsidiary of `Mediaset`, to acquire the rights to broadcast. In return, those involved have received bribes.
For Lotito it is believed that he was a mediator in the negotiations between InFront and Bari Football Club, who has received a loan of 470 thousand euros from the company. In General, it`s not illegal, but raises doubts why Lazio President wants to help the other team.

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