Friday, October 30, 2015

Juergen Klopp: `Mourinho is a good person, I respect Chelsea.`

Liverpool`s manager, Juergen Klopp said that Jose Mourinho is a good man and he respects Chelsea.
`We have to respect Chelsea and try to play well. Historically, it was a great match, but I`m not new in football and I have been part of a lot of them.`, said Klopp.
`I respect and admire Chelsea, Jose Mourinho. He is emotional, as I am. If you are not a journalist or referee, you can see what a good man he is.`, added the German. `If Chelsea has forgotten how to play football? No. You know what they did last season. They are very dangerous on set pieces with Cahill and Terry, so it will not be easy. They are certainly motivated, but the situation is the same to us.`, said Juergen Klopp.
In the upcoming weekend, Liverpool will be a very complex task to overcome Chelsea. Jose Mourinho, who was expected to be banned for this match analyzed by will be on the bench of the Londoners.

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