Friday, October 30, 2015

Juergen Klopp: `Mourinho is a good person, I respect Chelsea.`

Liverpool`s manager, Juergen Klopp said that Jose Mourinho is a good man and he respects Chelsea.
`We have to respect Chelsea and try to play well. Historically, it was a great match, but I`m not new in football and I have been part of a lot of them.`, said Klopp.
`I respect and admire Chelsea, Jose Mourinho. He is emotional, as I am. If you are not a journalist or referee, you can see what a good man he is.`, added the German. `If Chelsea has forgotten how to play football? No. You know what they did last season. They are very dangerous on set pieces with Cahill and Terry, so it will not be easy. They are certainly motivated, but the situation is the same to us.`, said Juergen Klopp.
In the upcoming weekend, Liverpool will be a very complex task to overcome Chelsea. Jose Mourinho, who was expected to be banned for this match analyzed by will be on the bench of the Londoners.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ancelotti is ready to return to Chelsea

The Italian specialist Carlo Ancelotti is ready to return to Chelsea, if the manager Jose Mourinho is fired. The former mentor of Real Madrid has placed only one condition to the leadership of Londoners, reported in today`s edition of `Mirror`.
Ancelotti would be returned to Stamford Bridge only if they obtain a permanent contract. The name of the specialist, who is currently without a job, there`s a lot of talking about the English champion, which is in a serious crisis.
Besides the poor performance in the Premier League, last night the team Mourinho dropped out from Stoke City in the League Cup. Mnogzina believe that Portugal`s future will be decided on Saturday when the Blues go against Liverpool in a match from insider tips for the Championship.
Id there is a new loss, then it is almost certain that Roman Abramovich will point out the door of the special. Up until this point Chelsea record five defeats in the League by 11 games.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lotito: `There is a campaign of lies against me.`

The President of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, categorically rejected the accusations in relation to the growing increasingly scandal with TV rights of Serie A.
The boss of the Romans is among the investigated persons believing that they are arranged the sale of television broadcasting rights of the Calcio in favour of a certain broadcaster.
`Eight months already, there is a campaign of lies about me.`, said Lotito. `I have read so many untruths about myself. I know what I did and what-not. I will not comment in any way on speculation in the papers.`
`The only thing I will say is that I`m disappointed in what they write. It is not true. We`re going to talk at the end of this story, then we will see what the truth is.`
The case of Lotito and the other is connected to the President of the company InFront - Marco Borgareli, who is being investigated for money laundering. In this connection, the last week has been arrested, Andrea Barroni of the Swiss company `Tax and finance`.
Prosecutors investigated allegations that Borgareli, in an advisory capacity in the Serie A and Serie B, helped `Reti Telivizive Italiane` - a subsidiary of `Mediaset`, to acquire the rights to broadcast. In return, those involved have received bribes.
For Lotito it is believed that he was a mediator in the negotiations between InFront and Bari Football Club, who has received a loan of 470 thousand euros from the company. In General, it`s not illegal, but raises doubts why Lazio President wants to help the other team.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Xavi: `The Premier League is attractive to every footballer.`

The former player of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, spoke highly about the Premier League. The Catalan legend, who currently is playing in Al Sad, explained that this Championship is attractive for any player for a number of reasons.
`To be honest, the Premiership is a very attractive and attractive Cup for each player. This is a glorious league mentioned by fixsoccertips - stadiums, matches, fans, the way you experience the meetings.`, Xavi started.
`There are a lot of great teams in England such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool. If I had to choose, I would choose a team with a rich history, such as Liverpool or Manchester United.`, added Xavi.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Soccer Tips - 07.10.2015

We present you two soccer tips for two of the most interesting matches on that day!
Check them out before you place your bets.

Stevenage vs. Dagenham and Redbridge
The hosts are defined as mild favorites for this game, but there are factors that will offset that household and will enable guests to reach equality. Or at least we think so. The hosts are in a terrible shape, losing their last four games. The guests also are definitely not in top shape, but still are a bit better. In direct duels in recent years, they have been exactly equivalent. We expect tonight to be equivalent. Our football prediction analyzed by messi best is X.

Georgia U21 vs. Spain U21
We expect the Spanish to gain an easy victory against Georgia, which came in the last fights against this team. Spain won all three matches against Georgia in the recent past by at least two goals, one match with two goals, one with four and one with five. Furthermore, Spain is in a series of 4 straight wins with two or more goals. And that happened against teams that are at a higher level than that of Georgia. Our soccer prediction analyzed by messi best is 2 with -1 goal handicap.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The President of Roma started advising Garcia

The President of Roma, James Palota confirmed that there is tension between him and the team`s coach Rudi Garcia. The owner of the Rome Grand said that the coach should be doing better with his choice of a lineup for the matches.
The team is struggling to find consistency in its campaign appearances since the beginning, and in humiliating defeat with 2:3 by Bate Borisov in the Champions League. It is the last again exacerbate rumors regarding the dismissal of Garcia, but with their last public appearance Palota is certainly not calmed passions.
'We have excellent players in the team. Rudy would know which of them should play and what kind of a team.`, said the President of Roma.
'He can fix things, but we have to find the right chemistry between the strengths and weaknesses of their football players. We signed with a number of excellent players and with some youngsters who will achieve great things in the years ahead.` added Palota.
The situation of Roma in Garcia could become even more delicate if it fails to beat Palermo at the weekend. The Sporting Director, Walter Sabatini, had a meeting yesterday with the Frenchman, in which he said that he has the confidence of the bosses, but the latter can be changed quickly when another unsatisfying result.