Monday, September 28, 2015

Schurrle: `I left Chelsea because the manager didn`t believe in me.`

The German national Andre Schurrle said Chelsea switched to Wolfsburg as the Blues manager Jose Mourinho didn`t believe in his ability.
Schurrle spent 18 months in London in February to pass to the team of the Bundesliga.
`I had some good times at Chelsea and was well received in the team, so it`s hard to say exactly why I left. I good, but there were periods during my second season at the club, that the manager did not believe in me and I didn`t play in enough matches from sport tips as a starter.`, commented the German.
`I don`t know why Mourinho didn`t believe in me. Things were strange to me. I was starting a few games, then stayed on the bench, and then play again.`, said the German international.
Schurrle scored 14 goals for Chelsea in 64 appearances for the Blues.

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