Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Juve wanted big stars

In the summer the Italian champion Juventus wanted to attract many big stars.
It was announced by the Director Giuseppe Marota at today`s press conference. One of the goals has been Marek Hamsik of Napoli, for which it became obvious. Speculation that the 'old lady` wants Mesut Ozil and Isco and has interest in Mario Gotze and Julian Draksler were publicly recognized.
In the end, none of the players arrived in Turin. 'There are names that never emerged. Hamsik came in our plans because he has proven himself in Italy. You, the journalists, did you hear about this today, but we had contacts with Napoli in months. At least 10 times I spoke with De Laurentiis.`, Marota revealed.
Juve boss called Schalke 'Mystery Club` because of the way of negotiations for Draksler, which eventually passed in Wolfsburg.
'There is bitterness, because we haven`t been able to get it. Even if there is skepticism and pessimism from what we have done. But this year we are in the process of metamorphosis. Coming and leaving more players than usual. But we are Juventus and have to win.`
'On August 19 officially went from running for Draksler. It was difficult to communicate with Schalke. It`s a little mysterious club from rugby tips where no one knows who can talk. For that we had difficulties in your interactions with them.`
'We`ve done deals with Bayern Munich and other big clubs, where everything was normal. We knew that it wouldn`t take Draksler, because the asking price was disproportionate with the motivation of the player. If he has any doubts, it is difficult to get to the transfer.`
'It`s been a while since Juventus had such a young team. However, this does not bother me. We have to keep our winning mentality and things will fall into place. We want to be among the best. For this we kept Pogba. But to do better than last season, is going to be really difficult. For this purpose you need to win a treble.`, said Marota.
Finally, he praised the work of the coach Max Allegri. 'It is crucial. Not only as a mentor, but plays a key role in the management of the club. We need to transform the team into a winning team, to motivate the players and we know he can handle it.`, finish the Marota.

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