Monday, September 14, 2015

Huntelaar brought a victory for Schalke

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is up for a pass from the penalty spot in the beginning and brought a 2:1 victory at Schalke vs. Mainz. In the match analyzed by of the fourth round of the Bundesliga, even among the reserves of Mainz was not the Bulgarian national Todor Nedelev.
In the 4th minute, Huntelaar could have given a head start of the `Royal-Blue`.
Matip Zoel in the 37th minute, however, delighted the 60 thousand in the stands of `Feltins Arena`, giving an advance of one goal of Schalke.
Only five minutes later, Yunus Malli, however even the score for Mainz.
Huntelaar still managed to rehabilitate himself in the second half and in the 61st minute brought the victory of 2:1.
Schalke is the fifth in the standings with seven points, while Mainz is on the 10th place with a point less.

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