Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cuadrado: `Juve can defend its title.`

The new addition of Juventus, Juan Cuadrado, is not worried by the weak start of the team in Serie A. The Colombian believes his team still has a chance to defend his title, although it has only one point from three matches.
His optimism was triggered by bang in the Derby with Manchester City and England in the middle of the victory with 2:1, few expected it to happen against this team, which is in a unique form.
`We showed a great game in Manchester and we deserve your success. So after this match from messi best we said in the locker room that must continue in the same way and continue to trust each other.`
`Now it is the time to show his old form to the League and to prove that we`re a strong team. We`re going to defend his title in Serie A and I believe we can do it.`, said Cuadrado.

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