Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hames: 'Neymar is amazing.`

The star of Colombia and Real Madrid, Hames Rodriguez, praised his colleague Neymar.
According to Hames, the striker of Barcelona and Brazil is 'amazing`.
Colombia and Brazil are going to meet on Thursday, and Hames said he would not to seek revenge for the loss of World Cup 2014.
'Don`t confuse these things. Neymar is amazing level, but we all have to play well to defeat Colombia. In football, there are winners and losers. You should always keep the team, and to have a high spirit.`, Rodriguez noted.
Colombia stepped back with 0:1 against Venezuela in their first meeting of the Copa America, but according to Hames, things will look different when they play against Brazil.
'There are always such bad days. We need to be unified and calm. We should think only about the next game via messi and the victory. It won`t be easy, but the match will be a lot more open, and we will have more opportunities. This can be good for us.`, continued Hames.
'I`m not injured, nothing serious. In Spain, the season was successful for me, and now I want to help the national team win. I hope everyone can support us, not only when we win, but when we lose. We need support at the moment.`, concluded Hames Rodriguez.

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