Monday, December 1, 2014

Lionel Messi had аn accident during the match Barcelona-Valencia

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi was hit with a plastic bottle from a fan of Valencia late last night at the Mestalla Stadium in the dramatic 1-0 victory at Catalans over ‘the bats in the derby from the 13th round of the Primera Division. Although he was not seriously injured, Messi visibly was shaken by the strike. He was in the need of medical care though his injury was superficial. From Valencia immediately announced that the guilty fan will be caught and punished for life not to watch live football matches.  

The soccer picks of all of you that claimed that Barcelona will defeat Valencia in their last match came out true. Sergio Busquets brought the success of Barca with a goal in the 94th minute and while he and his teammates were celebrating, the cameras caught the moment in which the plastic bottle filled with water, hitting Messi on the head.

The senior coach of Barcelona, Luis Enrique, publicly criticized the act of such violence on the stands and pointed out that the biggest problem is the fact that certain people are hiding under the colours of the clubs and discredit not only them but also their supporters.

At the moment, there are some rumors that Lionel Messi is thinking about the possibility of continuing his career in Chelsea. According to the information, the 27-year-old Argentinean can pass at the London Club, if Barcelona remains without trophies during the current season. According to the source, Messi has already studied the English language, and the Blues Manager Jose Mourinho has already consented to that transfer.

Experts say that Messi wants to improve himself and develop even more. Now he wants to test his powers in another championship and hopes that his son Tiago to get elite education in London. In addition, Messi is dissatisfied with the way the Catalans protect him from the tax authorities and the constant attacks by the press, especially in the capital of Catalonia. It is reported that the sponsor of Chelsea – Adidas is willing to finance the deal.

Earlier there had been some information that Barcelona has a plan to transfer Messi in 2016.

Whether that will happen or not, we cannot know for sure as only time will shows that. The advice of Messi-Best is not to take into account any rumors whenever you are going to place a bet. There is much more important information you need to gather in order your football predictions to be maximum correct.

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